Albernhof  (English Version)


(the first Homepage about this village)

Albernhof, District Elbogen was founded in the 13. or 14. century.

In the year 1644 after a changeable history there existed in Albernhof only 6 farms.

After the second world war in spring 1946 the evacuation got started.

In the beginning of 1978 a brown coal mine took place for the three villages Albernhof, Grasseth, Littmitz and   the neighbourhood.

In the year 1988 after I finished the family tree about my family, I got the idea to realise a chronicle about my home village Albernhof. I got a lot of support from friends and countryman nevertheless I could finish the chronicle not before 1995.

This chronicle actually was made for the residence of Albernhof and there families. But there are still some copies left and I would like to offer them free of charge.

If you are interested you can order the chronicle.

About myself:

My name is Willibald Müller, born 8 September 1922 in Albernhof. In the beginning of Oktober 1946 I got evacuated. I arrieved Ginsheim on 18 Oktober 1946.

Willibald Müller died in 2013 on October 8th at the age of 91.

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